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8 Proven Websites To Sharpen Your Excel Skills – Even If You’re New To Excel

Today, I’m going to share 8 websites that data analysts can use to sharpen their Excel skills. 

Learning Excel is an absolute must for working with data today. Fortunately, there are places online where you can learn this invaluable skill – without paying a dime.

These websites will help you:

  • Automate your work
  • Use data to tell stories
  • Be the “go-to” data guru

Unfortunately, so many analysts get stuck in the basics of Excel. They work hard but don’t see results. The reason for that is a lack of practice.

Mastering Excel is hard!

Data analysts that don’t have a firm grasp of Excel won’t do well:

  • Reports are boring
  • Not using shortcuts
  • Struggling with formulas
  • Not able to get their point across

Fortunately, there are free websites for you to learn.

Here they are listed below. Pick one and get started.

1) SSFiddle

The goal of SSFiddle is to make working with spreadsheets as fast and convenient as possible, similar to CodePen and DBFiddle.

Learn more:

2) FormulaBoost

Format and analyze Excel formulas to check for errors, validate results, and more.

Learn more:

3) Excel Exercises

Excel Exercises helps regular people learn Excel as quickly as possible.

Learn more:

4) Automate Excel

This interactive tutorial will teach you how to use formulas in Excel. It covers the basics of creating formulas, formula shortcuts, named ranges, and more.

Learn more:

5) W3Schools Excel

Learn Excel on the world’s largest web developer site.

Learn more:

6) Spreadsheet Center

Practice your Excel formula skills with exercises that you can do straight from your browser

Learn more:

7) Excel Formula Beautifier

Beautify or convert Excel formulas to JavaScript. Useful for checking your Excel formulas for syntax errors and stray parentheses.

Learn more:

8) Microsoft Official Excel Video Training

Official Microsoft training videos covering main topics with example workbooks included.

Learn more:

Practicing Excel for 30 minutes each day will help keep your data analytics skills sharp.

Check out each of these free Excel tutorial sites, find one that works for you, and get started

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