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“How do I make better dashboards with Tableau?”

Blogs, books, and bootcamps all promise to make you better at Tableau, but end up confusing you even more.

What if you had step-by-step instructions on how to become a better Tableau developer?

What if you had a system that walked you through from start to finish and had something you could be proud of at the end?

Enter your name below and I’ll show you how to…

  • get better at Tableau in just 10 minutes each day
  • pick the right way to display your data and drive your point home
  • impress your boss and colleagues with your new Tableau skills

Create Awesome Dashboards with Tableau

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Create Awesome Tableau Dashboards Fast

Create Awesome Tableau Dashboards Fast is an online course that will help you on your journey to learn Tableau. The best thing is that creating dashboards is the single best way to learn how to use Tableau. The reason is simple: you’ll create something that’s actually usable and get feedback on how to improve over time.

You’ll learn how to create this interactive dashboard for an office supply company.

While working with coworkers and colleagues, I found that most people are aware of the data that comes with Tableau and the default dashboards that are built it, but very few know how to actually create the thing. So, that’s what you’ll learn with Create Awesome Tableau Dashboards Fast.

Along the way you’ll learn

  • How to bring out the most important info to your users (bullet points vs. data dumps)
  • How to work with Tableau quickly and efficiently using shortcuts and best practices
  • When to use data visualizations that will have a big impact on your users
  • How to add context to your dashboards to answer the dreaded “So what?” questions from your users

Who Is this Course For?

This course is for the beginner to intermediate Tableau user that wants to level up their skills and learn something that will transform the way they work with data.

Tableau is a great way to share reports and creating awesome Tableau dashboards is a sure fire way to get noticed and provide real value. Experience with Tableau is NOT required for this course, since I start with the basics. You’ll find some of the concepts easier if you do have some experience, of course. If you’ve created anything in Tableau before, then you will be fine. When you sign up for the course, you’ll get a starter workbook that has all the data you need to create an awesome dashboard. You’ll also get templates along the way to help if you get stuck.

Step-by-Step Training Made Simple

This course is designed in a step-by-step way that makes it easy to learn and follow along. You’ll be able to watch screencast videos and build your awesome dashboard at the same time. Since the course is 100% online, you can watch the videos as many times as you like. You can even watch on your iPad, iPhone, or Android Tablet!

The course is made up of short video lessons that are each 5-10 minutes long. This makes it easy to watch a video on a single topic and go back if there’s anything that you need to review.

Each week, you’ll get a new lesson, delivered right to your inbox

Week 1: Your First Tableau Dashboard
Week 2: Executive Dashboards
Week 3: Analytical Dashboards
Week 4: Detail Dashboards
Week 5: Finishing Your First Dashboard

Create Your First AWESOME Tableau Dashboard in 10 Minutes

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