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Let’s face it: when you’re just starting with something new or trying to improve your skills, you need high quality, expert advice.

It’s no different with data analytics.

That’s why I created this page: to help YOU become a better data analyst.

Below is a list of resources that have helped me along my journey of learning Tableau and other items that are important to have in one spot for easy reference.

Please note that some of the resources listed here may include affiliate links, which pay me a small commission when you use the resource. It’s a small way to support New Prediction with zero cost to you. 


Other links

  • Superstore Data Set – The starter data set for How to Build Interactive Dashboards with Tableau

Tableau & Google Sheets Checklist

This one-page checklist PDF will help you learn how to upload your data into Google Sheets and build an awesome Tableau dashboard without wasting time.

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4 Things For Every Tableau Dashboard Creator

This free 4-page eBook PDF will walk you through the 4 most important steps for creating a Tableau dashboard

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Massive List of Tableau Tools

Tableau is even more powerful with these 20 tools you might not know about. The 2-page PDF includes a description and helpful links for each tool to get you started.

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Career Boosting Business Analytics Trends

Use this list as a road map to take you from boring data job to the GO-TO PERSON in your company that knows the answers to all the questions.

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Massive List of Free Data Viz Books

Download the FULL listing of 10 free data visualization books covering dozens of topics across 100s of pages. All nice and neatly organized in an awesome Google Sheet for you to print or copy.

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Tableau Dashboards: Beginner’s Guide (Free PDF)

Get the full 2-page PDF with the 5 steps outlined in this guide + 3 bonuses to help you along the way

BONUS #1: 5 Beginner mistakes to avoid

BONUS #2: Video walkthrough

BONUS #3: Links to the the Google Sheet and final Dashboard

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How to Create 6 Different Tableau Bar Charts (Free Guide)

Get the step-by-step guide to create all 6 different types of Tableau Bar Charts (with copy-and-paste calculated fields included) for free.


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Massive List of Tableau Web Data Connectors(Free List)

Download the list of 21 different Web Data Connectors for Tableau in this Google Sheet (save a copy for yourself, too!) 

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Slope Graph Examples PDF + Dashboard Walkthrough Video

This 4-page example PDF lists 10 examples of slope graphs curated from around the web with author links for each one. You'll also see the 16-minute walkthrough video where I create an interactive Tableau Dashboard from scratch. 

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Download the Tableau Tutorial PDF Checklist & Workbook

The step-by-step checklist for fixing busted charts with Tableau PLUS the full workbook with all of my formatting and calculations for free.

Tableau Tutorial Chart Redesign

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Download the TableauHighlight Tables PDF Guide

The step-by-step guide for creating Tableau highlight tables
(plus direct links to the YouTube video walkthrough and link to final Tableau workbook)

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