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Get Your Data Analytics Portfolio Up And Running In 14 Days – Even If You’re Not Sure Where To Start

Your data analytics portfolio should be working for you 24×7.

The Data Analytics Portfolio Playbook takes you step-by-step – from finding “Portfolio Ready” datasets to getting your portfolio online in 1 hour.

The ultimate “cheat code” to defeat job interview stress.

Spending 14 days to create your portfolio now will pay off for years to come – set it, and forget it.

Get your best work in front of recruiters, employers, and new clients.

Whether you are a career changer, beginner analyst, or freelancer, your data analytics portfolio sends a clear signal: you can solve problems with data.

Who, specifically, is this playbook for?

The Data Analytics Portfolio Playbook is for anyone looking for a job in data analytics. It’s great for both job seekers and career changers.

If you love data and want to get a job in a data field (analytics, science, engineering, product management, etc.) then this playbook is for you.

Who should NOT buy this playbook?

If you have 7+ years of working experience and a full resume with lots of real-world experience, then this book probably isn’t for you.

This playbook is designed to help people build the skills that employers want to see and then package them up into an online portfolio that works for them 24×7.

What You’ll Learn Inside the Playbook

  1. The Ultimate Interview Cheat Code
  2. Creating Projects That Get Attention
  3. Finding Portfolio-Ready Datasets
  4. Hosting Your Portfolio Online
  5. How To Develop Data Insights
  6. How To Write About Your Projects – Even If You Don’t Know What To Say
  7. Ten Essential Skills That Employers Look For
  8. Solving The Work Experience Dilemma
  9. PresentingYour Portfolio During Your Interview
  10. What Else To Include In Your Portfolio


What problems will the Playbook help me overcome?
Employers want data analysts that can solve problems. This book helps you package up your skills in a way that employers and recruiters understand to help you land your dream job.

What skills should I have?
This Playbook doesn’t teach the basics of SQL or any other technical skill. You should have at least a basic knowledge of some analytics tools like SQL, Tableau, Excel, or Python.

Does the Playbook come with any code?
No. There’s no coding involved with getting your data analytics portfolio created and online.

Who is the author?
I’ve been working in the data industry for more than 15 years from entry-level up to executive leadership and strategy. I have worked for global financial services firms as well as small-to-medium-sized businesses as well. I have experience with sales and marketing, operations, cybersecurity, retail, etc.

I love data and love helping others earn more with their data skills.

What are others saying?

I love your eBook, very thorough on how to actually write up portfolios using the STAR Method. – Fauzan G., Data Analyst

Brian’s Data Analytics Portfolio Playbook was a catalyst for me to filter through existing work I had done and quickly compile it all into a professional portfolio published online. I will continue referring to it as a guide as I build out my future portfolio projects and decide how best to present my work.Brodie F., career-switcher

Brian really cares about your success, you can see it in the design and structure of the materials and support. Thank YOU! – Amanda M., aspiring data analyst

I’ve paid over $2500 for an online course with an Ivy League college, thinking it must be robust and top-notch SQL training. It was the opposite. Brian’s training crushes it! – Jenn T., aspiring data analyst

Tableau & Google Sheets Checklist

This one-page checklist PDF will help you learn how to upload your data into Google Sheets and build an awesome Tableau dashboard without wasting time.

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4 Things For Every Tableau Dashboard Creator

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Massive List of Tableau Tools

Tableau is even more powerful with these 20 tools you might not know about. The 2-page PDF includes a description and helpful links for each tool to get you started.

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Career Boosting Business Analytics Trends

Use this list as a road map to take you from boring data job to the GO-TO PERSON in your company that knows the answers to all the questions.

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Massive List of Free Data Viz Books

List of 10 Awesome Data Visualization Books

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Tableau Dashboards
Beginner’s Guide

Get the full 2-page PDF with the 5 steps outlined in this guide + 3 bonuses to help you along the way

BONUS #1: 5 Beginner mistakes to avoid

BONUS #2: Video walkthrough

BONUS #3: Links to the the Google Sheet and final Dashboard

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How to Create 6 Different Tableau Bar Charts (Free Guide)

Get the step-by-step guide to create all 6 different types of Tableau Bar Charts (with copy-and-paste calculated fields included) for free.


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Massive List of Tableau Web Data Connectors

Download the list of 21 different Web Data Connectors for Tableau in this Google Sheet (save a copy for yourself, too!) 

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Slope Graph Examples PDF + Dashboard Walkthrough Video

4-page PDF showing 10 slope graph examples + a video walkthrough

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Tableau Tutorial Chart Redesign

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The step-by-step checklist for fixing busted charts with Tableau PLUS the full workbook with all of my formatting and calculations for free.

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Download the TableauHighlight Tables PDF Guide

The step-by-step guide for creating Tableau highlight tables
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Tableau Scatter Plots: The Complete Guide

Get the step-by-step checklist guide to create scatter plots with Tableau


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Rebuild a Busted Chart with Tableau

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